Saturday, 17 December 2011

Books for Christmas - Maryom's Choice

OK you've probably all got your Christmas shopping sorted but in case you're still looking for last minute stocking fillers read on ......

The Mole has made his choice, which is HERE

For babies, toddlers and upwards -
Grimm's Fairy Tales
by Saviour Pirotta

All children should have a collection of fairy tales. This collection was out favourite many years ago when our youngest was a toddler but it's been re-vamped and re-issued this year.

The Cat and The Fiddle
by Jackie Morris

Another thing all children (and their parents) need - a book of nursery rhymes! I know I've raved before about Jackie Morris's work, but I just love her painting style - and would really like to ride on a cat!

For teens -

if they're into deep, philosophical nihilism or just inclined to think "why bother"
Nothing by Janne Teller

...or spy thrillers...

The Long Reach By Peter Cocks
 A fast paced action adventure in London's gangland, a great alternative for anyone who loves the "Young Bond" series

...or if you think they'd like a lighter weight read ....

Lia's Guide To Winning the Lottery by Keren David

Lighter, maybe, but it's still a real conversation starter - after all we've all had that dream of what we'd do if we won the lottery

For Fantasy Lovers -

Bloodstone - book 2 of Gillian Philip's Rebel Angels series. Allegedly a teen/YA book but one that will appeal equally to adults. An emotionally charged, intelligently written fantasy. It's probably better if the recipient's read book1 - Firebrand -, but if they haven't, buy that as well!

For history buffs

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel - not a new book, and rather long, but if they haven't read it they still have time before the sequel Bring Up The Bodies is published in Spring

For the thrill seekers -

Before I Go To Sleep - a really creepy debut novel from SJWatson about a woman who starts each day with her memory wiped clean. Of the differing stories she's told to explain her problem, which can she believe?

or for more comedy-thriller

Smokeheads by Doug Johnstone
Four mates go away for a quiet weekend sampling their way through Islay's many malt whiskies. After a brush with the local law, things go rapidly downhill into a nightmare Deliverance style nightmare.

And a slightly unusual recommendation - Don't give one book but a whole year's worth! Peirene Press specialise in short, compelling foreign fiction - generally around 200 pages - and offer a variety of subscription packages - there's sure to be something to suit.


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