Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Venom by Joan Brady - Four *

This book left me very surprised. We meet Helen Freyl who I take an instant dislike to. We also meet David Marion who is less than a pleasant character however I find myself still reading. I could not understand why. Had the publishers put glue on the cover? No but for some reason I find myself drawn back to it constantly.

The story starts violently and despite Helen's early unawareness of the danger she is in, the reader is aware and wonders why. I found myself wanting to say "Why don't they all meet up in a meeting room and drum out a deal? There's no need for this intrigue and danger." Two thirds of the way through I had this book down as three stars but then we START to find out why the friendly chat wouldn't have worked. It is very late on before we find out all the reasons and it is worth the wait. I ended up on four stars because it was gripping and held my attention throughout. I would still say that I don't like Helen or David but that means they aren't flat characters if I can dislike them.

David Marion, an ex-con receives a phone call warning him of a contract killer out to kill him. David attacks and kills the killer without a moments concern and destroys his house to make it look like his own death. This has happened because of a corporation called UCAI. Helen then is offered a fellowship to a medical foundation that is backed by UCAI and the intrigue starts.

There is a romantic link between Helen and David which I found difficult to believe in or accept, so don't read it for the romance, but as a thriller it is well worth reading. It is fast moving and well written and I would recommend this to any thriller fans.

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