Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Never Stop Looking by Sarah Jackman - Four *

The synopsis on the book's cover implies this is a thriller with a love angle. There are love angles in this book, but it is not a thriller. It is about Abbie's search for he husband Nick who has been missing for six years.

Throughout the book Abbie meets stimuli that cause her to reflect, flashback, on her life with Nick. When Owen, a divorcing father, moves into the flat above new stimuli come into Abbie's life and new reflections come to light. The reader shares these reflections and sees a side to Nick that Abbie doesn't see.

Very compelling though not all the characters involved are, to me, very convincing. I found I could not put this down and did enjoy the reading of it and the underlying story line is quite solid.

I discussed this book and suggested it was 'Black Tragedy' and was told that that is a new one?


  1. I'm not sure the cover implies thriller but I do like it. Also your twitter link (for maryom) on the right isn't working.

  2. Thank you for that. I have fixed the link (and corrected some text on the Teenager's blog). The point about the thriller was badly made as I should have mentioned that it is the synopsis on the back that makes it seem like a thriller.

    Thanks again.