Monday, 20 June 2011

Night Watcher by Chris Longmuir

Vengeance is whose?
Review by The Mole

Julie's estranged husband is killed. The police are convinced he has committed suicide but Julie knows better. Julie swears vengeance on Nicole, the woman she blames for his death, and starts to stalk her. But Nicole is also being stalked by someone else, for the unhinged individual known as The Watcher has also arrived in Dundee.

Julie ingratiates herself with Nicole and begins to play mind games with her to fuel Nicole's increasing paranoia about The Watcher.

When Nicole is murdered suspicion falls on her latest lover and a disaffected employee whom Nicole has sacked. Meanwhile The Watcher turns his attentions to Julie. Will she be the next person to die?

Maryom read Chris's first book - Dead Wood which won the Dundee International Book Prize for new writers in 2009. She really enjoyed it and found it a crime thriller but also a whodunnit.

I haven't read Dead Wood but I took the opportunity to read Chris's second book, which, unfortunately, is only available as an ebook. Most people associate ebooks with ereaders but many, Chris's included, are available in several formats that can also be read on a PC. Chris sent the PDF version which I could read on a very small, very basic netbook. It is only the second ebook I have read so ebooks still contain some challenges for me.

I would not describe this as a whodunnit because I could see what was going to happen, often well before it did. OK, but I was still powerless to stop it - and that is the power of the crime thriller and Chris has harnessed this power beautifully. Things move fast and while Julie is out to take revenge on Nicole she must join the queue of people out to exact their own vengeance. Even at the end, with the killer in the hands of the police we are left wondering if Julie can now survive and what will become of Bill? When you read the story you will find the answer to one but sadly not the other... It's fiction so I could make my own answer but it's not for me to do that - it's up to Chris...

Extremely powerful crime thriller with twists and turns throughout. Highly recommended and worth battling with the Windows CE PDF viewer for - much easier with other Windows versions.

Published at: Smashwords
Genre - Adult Crime Thriller

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