Monday 13 June 2011

The Truth About Celia Frost by Paula Rawsthorne

Mother's Secret
review by Maryom

Celia has always lived an over-protected life, living in fear of an accident due to a blood disorder. Her mother is terrified of what may happen if Celia injures herself but the reader soon realises that she hasn't always been entirely honest with her daughter. She's never allowed them to remain in one place for very long so Celia has grown up without close friends to share her secret with or confide in. Following a knife attack at Celia's latest school, her mother decides it's time to move again. This time they end up on the grim, depressing, gang-ridden Bluebell Estate, but this isn't the worst of their problems as someone is now on their trail and determined to find them.

The Truth About Celia Frost is an amazing debut teen thriller. Planted firmly in the here and now of grotty high rise housing and dodgy scientific experiments, the plot twists and turns as Celia gradually begins to uncover the truth about herself - every time I thought I'd guessed Celia's history something would happen that made me re-think it all. Fast-paced and chilling, yet so believable, I found it very difficult to stop reading once I'd started, particularly as the book neared its nail-biting finish.
An excellent book for teens looking for something other than paranormal romance.

Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher - Usborne
Genre - Thriller, Teen

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