Monday, 14 July 2014

The Keeper by John Lescroart

Review by The Mole

When Hal Chase's wife goes missing then the police are quick to start a murder investigation despite there being little or no evidence that she is dead. Hal is quick to get Dismas Hardy to represent him as his lawyer and, in turn, Dismas engages Abe Glitsky, a retired police officer, to find Katie (Hal's wife). Hal gets taken into custody and put in the jail where he works, but as a warder he is afforded almost hotel style accommodation.

Abe sets out looking for Katie or at least another suspect - and therein lies the problem, who but Hal would benefit from her death?

This is the second Dismas Hardy story I have read and while I knew some of the back story, that itself was not at all important in this book.

Abe is now faced with the difficult task of proving a suspect is innocent whereas his career as a police officer was focused on finding someone who is guilty and this shift in thinking is brought out well by the author.

Towards the end when things start to wrap up you are left with a feeling that this is a very scrappy ending but it's not done yet and Lescroart pulls a rabbit or two out of the hat that really left me thinking "Yes, that makes sense - and it's not a 'how convenient ending' either".

I did enjoy The Ophelia Cut but The Keeper is an even better read with a better ending and a better melding of the characters. A really good crime thriller that isn't burdened with too much procedure or blind alleys but still springs surprises throughout.

Publisher - Headline
Genre - Adult crime thriller

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