Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Salvage by Keren David

Review by The Mole

Aidan and Cass are brother and sister, separated when very young and taken into care. Cass was adopted quickly by a well to do family and has all the breaks. Aidan was rejected and put into care, fostered, fought over and again rejected and has had nothing but the bad breaks in life.

Under the rules they are denied access to each other and so have completely lost touch. When Cass's parents split up it becomes public knowledge as her father is a government minister and Aidan then sees Cass's photo in the papers. Searching Facebook he finds her...

Although I found fault with each character I did find myself caring enough to find that fault. Cass is too compliant - what her parents want her to be then that's what she'll become. Aidan means well but is always sure that he will fail in everything.

The end brings about many solutions that I hadn't expected - as well as many issues that came as a surprise - and rounded the story off excellently. Is the story optimistic? Well, yes but is that such a bad thing? There are many positives in there for youngsters - and parents - to take away with them and that makes the whole thing worth while.

Keren David has a way of writing that holds your attention - if she wrote the shipping forecast then the ratings would go up no end! An excellent and enthralling read that seems all too short when you turn the last page.

Publisher - Atom Books
Genre - YA

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