Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Liar's Chair by Rebecca Whitney

review by Maryom

Speeding through country lanes on her way home from a night with her lover, Rachel Teller hits and kills a man. Hastily hiding the body in nearby woods, she carries on home to her husband David - who seems remarkably unfazed by his wife admitting to a hit and run incident, in fact quite comfortable with it providing no one can trace it to them. With the evidence destroyed, he settles back to normal as if nothing has occurred. Rachel, though, becomes increasingly tormented by guilt, and her behaviour turns erratic and self-destructive, putting their business and the luxurious life they've built at risk.

I'm really in two minds about this book. It's well told, gripping, and fulfils all the criteria for an excellent psychological thriller BUT I found it difficult to relate to the characters, and especially to find any sympathy for Rachel. Her marriage was obviously one of convenience rather than love but when David turns vindictive and abusive, trying his utmost to humiliate and degrade Rachel, I couldn't understand why she accepted this and stayed. Maybe her back story emerged too late - as when it does, it becomes clear what a damaged person she is, how worthless she has always felt and how ready to be dominated by a forceful man; maybe I just like my heroines to have more gumption.

This is Rebecca Whitney's first novel and I'm hoping there'll be more - and just hope another time I feel more connection with the characters.

Maryom's review - 3 stars
Publisher -
Mantle (Panmacmillan)

Genre - adult psychological thriller

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