Friday, 17 April 2015

John Connolly - Author Event.

By The Mole

Yesterday we went to see our second author event of the week - John Connolly at Waterstones in Nottingham introducing his new book "A Song of Shadows" - a Charlie Parker Thriller.

As is customary on such occasions John opened the evening with a reading - but with a difference as this turned out to be a short story called "The Hollow King" from a collection of short stories that is due to be published later this year. By way of introduction he recounted an incident of a short story reading he attended previously and managed to get the audience laughing from the off. This short story was, as promised, short and contained a twist in the tail that I didn't much like - which is how I like my short stories. An excellent start to the evening.

John then set about telling us a story that started in a bar and led onto a recounting of bringing war criminals to justice - or not - from the time of the second world war to date. I genuinely found this story fascinating - although John managed to tastefully include some humour where appropriate. Throughout this tale I tried to understand its context to "The Hollow King" but not hugely successfully. He then invited questions and the first one was whether this research he had undertaken on war criminals was to be the subject of a future Charlie Parker book. At this point after a moment of enlightenment the room was once again brought to laughter when he explained that he had completely forgotten to explain the context and that this story related to this current book.

In response to questioning he explained that he knew where the Charlie Parker stories would end but had no plans to get to it at the moment but a slow, logical progression was being followed towards that goal. If the publisher pulled the plug then he could produce that story but so long as the publisher is happy then he has no plans to end the Charlie Parker story yet.

John's Connolly's publisher's page is at Hodder and Stoughton
John's own website is here

Another most excellent evening spent the company of another best selling author and we look forward to hopefully seeing James North, who worked in the United States Naval Intelligence department before writing his novels Deep Deception and The Last Chameleon. James will be at Waterstones in Nottingham on 25th April at 7pm. James North sounds like a real life "Jack Ryan".

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  1. So jealous! We never get author events - although we did get Alex Salmond the other day! Who was really nice and posed for 3+ hours for selfies and signings! We just wanted a selfie but he gave us a free signed book - nice guy! I'd love John Connolly though!