Monday, 17 September 2012

The Wolf Princess by Cathryn Constable

Winter Wonderland Adventure
review by Maryom

Sophie smith is an orphan living for most of the year at her dull boring boarding school while her disinterested guardian is, yet again, absent on business. What Sophie really longs for is adventure! At night she dreams of journeying on a train through the snowbound Russian countryside, so when the possibility of going there on a school trip arises, she leaps at it.The reality is not what Sophie expected. Thrown out of a train on a deserted platform, Sophie and her friends wonder what on earth will happen to them ....but then they are rescued and taken to the winter palace of Princess Anna Volkonskaya. The Princess is desperately seeking her family's lost treasure- in particular a rope of magnificent diamonds - and believes Sophie holds the key to their whereabouts.

The Wolf Princess is a wonderful, enthralling story of a decaying palace, the mysterious, glamorous Princess who lives there, the snowy forests that surround it with sleigh rides through them and the wolves that howl there in the night. A story of adventure and secrets from the past, in an exotic almost magical setting, it reminded me of the enchantment I felt on reading The Little White Horse as a child. I'm just that bit older now but was similarly mesmerised as I read The Wolf Princess.The reader is transported along with Sophie from the mundane everyday world to a mysterious, fairy-tale winter wonderland.

A captivating story that is just right for Christmas stockings, either for the 10+ reading bracket to read on their own or as a serial bedtime story for younger ones.  The Wolf Princess is definitely going on my 'best reads' list for this year.

Unusually I've added images for both paperback and hardback versions as both are wonderful though very different.

Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher - Chicken House
Genre - 10+, adventure, 

Available on pre-order from Amazon till October 2012

 The Wolf Princess paperback
 The Wolf Princess hardback

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  1. Sounds like a great Christmas read too. Definitely one for the stockings this year!

  2. Oh now I see why you liked the hardback cover. It has a Russian feel to it. Lovely review.