Thursday, 6 September 2012

Another Life by Keren David

Ty's back - with a new look!

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Another Life is the third, and possibly final, instalment in the life of Ty -  who after witnessing a knifing incident found himself bustled away into the witness protection programme for the safety of him and his family. With each change of name Ty has become a different person, developing a character that suits his new name, and always hiding his past. This time he's having to face up to the consequences of what happened seemingly so long ago in that North London playground and, whatever identity he hides behind, it's Ty himself who has to take the rap.
The story-telling passes to his cousin Archie - a pampered irritating Rich Kid who thinks he can play at 'undercover cop' and be a hero. Both boys learn that you have to face the consequences of your actions - perhaps a harder lesson for Archie than for Ty.

The whole series has had a re-packaging, one that I personally feel will be more appealing to boys glancing idly along bookshelves. If they'd got as far as reading the blurb, the story would always have drawn them in. I just wonder whether in retrospect the original covers with the moody-looking guy could have been mistaken for 'girls' books. Hopefully Ty is now off to find a whole new gang of fans.

Publisher - Frances Lincoln
Genre - Teen/YA Contemporary Fiction

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