Friday, 21 September 2012

Bryant and May and The Invisible Code by Christopher Fowler

Review by The Mole

When a woman dies for no apparent reason, except that two children placed a curse on her when they were playing a game, Bryant is intrigued but denied access to the case. The unit are then given the case of protecting the wife of their greatest enemy in exchange for a permanent truce. When the wife is found dead Bryant & May's continued existence in the PCU (Peculiar Crimes Unit) is very much under threat and they need to crack the case and fast!

This is only my second Bryant & May book but I doubt it will be my last. When I read my first, The Water Room, I enjoyed it but with this one I can feel an addiction coming on!

Once again the book was packed with "read aloud and share" passages - well you have to, don't you? And if anything, I have to say I enjoyed this one even more. Less like "Dirk Gently" and more like a unique genre this story mixed normal detection with the macabre and the bizarre in a way that captivated me from the start. I was so wrapped up in the struggle for proof that I totally failed to see the ending coming - BRILLIANT!

Bryant is a character... well we know the type but then so is everyone else in the PCU from Colin and Meera, the two gophers of the department, to Land, the unit head - and you can't fail to like every one of them. May is more the 'Lewis' to Bryant's 'Morse' but does, sometimes, have a sobering and calming effect on the plot when Bryant would blunder through.

Yes, I would strongly recommend this to mystery readers, especially crime and also to anyone who enjoys a bit of light hearted lunacy sometimes. But be careful, this could be addictive and so far this is only the tenth in the series.

Publisher - Doubleday
Genre - adult fiction,  crime mystery

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