Friday, 28 September 2012

It's Time for Bed by Adele Geras and Sophy Williams

Review by The Mole

It's time for bed for Little Hare, but, like all children, Little Hare finds lots of essential things that need to be done before bedtime. Each new 'thing' requires Mother Hare to produce a lullaby. Lullabies for mice, birds, frogs and toys before, finally, one for Little Hare.

Having read this through I was very struck by something - Little Hare is neither male nor female so you can agree on 'he' or 'she' as it suits your own child.

The pastel colours in this book are 'sleepy' colours  and the the pictures are soft focus to be snuggly, warm and sleepy and this is very much a bedtime reader. The words and poem structure though is very much an 'adult read aloud', reinforcing the book's bedtime role.

A book definitely for bedtime and, hopefully, your little one will get to sleep much quicker that Little Hare!

Publisher - Piccadilly Press
Genre - Bedtime reader, children 0+

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