Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

Review by The Mole

Saba, her twin brother Lugh, Emmi and their father are surviving on a lakeside during a drought in a post- apolcalytic world. Her father reads the stars and sees the future but Saba doesn't think she believes in it and her brother certainly doesn't. Then one day the Tonton come visiting with a neighbour and take Lugh away after killing her father and leaving the two girls alone. Can they survive on their own? Who are the Tonton and why did they take Lugh. And will they ever see Lugh again?

Fast paced from the beginning this book drags you in and involves you. There are times when you want to tell the characters to choose other options but that is always a mark of characters that you believe in and care about.

Yes, the spelling and language takes you by surprise and it certainly slowed my reading at first but stick with it.

You expect the heroine to be honest and honourable but you may get a surprise or two from Saba as she becomes very selfish in her hunt for her twin excluding everyone else from her world. As with all sci-fi novels there are niggles that leave you wondering, but with this story you will only get chance to consider them retrospectively as you race along with the plot.

A truly worthy winner of the Costa Children's Book award and left with a nice twist or two for the sequel. You are left wondering why the characters behaved that way at the end.... a sure sign of a sequel.

Publisher -  Marion LLoyd Books (Scholastic)
Genre - teens, Sci-Fi, Action Adventure

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