Monday, 24 September 2012

The Chemickal Marriage by G W Dahlquist

Review by The Mole

In the previous two books stuff has happened and this book opens to find Celeste in her hotel room planning a spying mission to find out what has happened at the factory and what the next step should be. So what happens next? In a trilogy of this sort any short summary is likely to be a spoiler for the previous books so I'm saying nothing!

In the "Prefatory Note" at the beginning of this book it says "...much of this present book may stand apart as a discrete narrative...". T'ain't true. Sorry. It then goes on, over a a single page length note, to explain the story so far which is sadly inadequate with the complexity of the story so far. It should instead contain a warning "Do not attempt to read this without having read the story so far". Sadly I haven't finished it. Why sadly? Because I would like to, there is something pulling me back... I don't know why. And although there is sex in it - it's not particularly well done, and frankly I don't understand why it's there.

I found it hard to read, written in the style it is and yet I want more. I have already put it down twice and 'given up' but I have also picked it up again to read on.

I suspect this book has the power to become a 'Cult'. Sadly 'cult' often mean low volumes but an intrepid band of followers. I could imagine conventions with attendees in Victorian garb and tattoos of 'glass' injuries and mirrors made especially for it. But I'm afraid I wouldn't be attending.

If readers have read and enjoyed books 1 and 2 then I am sure their reading of this will be just  as fulfilling, however my recommendation is not to try this one without starting at the beginning.

So will I pick it up a third time, after all I got halfway through? I really don't know... I would like to but it feels a bit daunting.

Publisher - Penguin Books
Genre - Adult Fantasy

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