Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Nibble Gobble Munch by Professor Charles Clark and Maureen Clark

With Illustrations by Sue Shields
Review by The Mole

Food - something we all think we know about because we eat it every day. But how many people actually eat what's best for them and know what a 'balanced diet' actually is? We all tend to have food habits and despite advice we stick to what we've always done.

Well here's a book that will help youngsters learn new and good habits and possibly break the cycle. Sounds boring but responsible behaviour that will turn them off vegetables for life?  Well, no it isn't!

This book describes itself as a 'pop-up feast' and it's a claim it lives up to. Do you know the role of fibre in your diet? How cells divide? What are the food groups? What do each of the vitamins do? The answer to all these questions and more are to be found in this book but it's presentation is brilliant.

Each page is 'busy' with flaps to lift, tabs to pull, wheels to rotate, concertina books to fold out and traditional pop-ups to... well 'pop-up' I suppose.

If there is one criticism it may be that it's a bit too busy so someone should sit with them and make sure they miss nothing because sometimes a flap has more on the back! Oh, and while you are helping them you may take some of it on board yourself and surprise yourself how much there really is to know! But then you'll be better prepared to help them choose their lunch.

Hours of fun, because you aren't likely to find it all first time through!

Publisher - Kipling Press
Genre - Children's non-fiction, Pop-up book

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  1. No one has it listed not even Kipling Press yet. Can you help me get a copy?

    1. It is available from the publisher's website

      Does that help?