Monday, 17 February 2014

The Lost Prince by Frances Hodgson Burnett

review by Maryom

A re-issue of an old favourite from the author of Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Secret Garden, The Lost Prince is an action adventure set in the early years of the twentieth century - a time of turmoil in Eastern Europe but nowhere more so than in the war-torn country of Samavia. The true line of the monarchy was thought to have died out long ago  - yet some people still keep alive the dream that one day their Lost Prince will return to unite the country and bring back peace and prosperity for all.

Newly returned to London, Marco Loristan and his father have lived in all the capital cities of Europe, but at heart they are Samavians, true to their country and its Lost Prince. As a small boy, Marco swore an oath of allegiance to Samavia, and now the time has come when he's called upon to act. He and his new street-wise friend The Rat are sent on a secret mission across Europe taking a message to the supporters of the Lost Prince; making their way to Paris, Munich and Vienna, taking the message to all manner of people- a Chancellor, hairdresser, an elderly priest or a peasant, while trying to keep one step ahead of the beautiful spy who's out to stop them.

Although written a hundred years ago, the Lost Prince is a thrilling adventure story that will still appeal to today's young reader. It's good old-fashioned cloak and dagger stuff, full of danger and bravery - there are no hi-tech gadgets, no magic powers, just two boys pitting their wits against the enemy. There are some attitudes about class and birthright that seem very much to belong to the time in which it was written but children would probably ignore them and concentrate on the exciting, engaging plot.

Maryom's review - 4.5 stars
Publisher -
Jane Nissen Books
Genre - 10+, action adventure

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  1. I like that despite the 'issues' with the books nowadays they are still so relevant. I've not read this one (I'd like to) but The Secret Garden is one of my favourites still today.

    1. I love the Secret Garden - probably because I'd love to have one just like it :)