Monday, 3 February 2014

The Templar Prophecy by Mario Reading

Review by The Mole

The first part of the story timeshifts back to 1190 when the Holy Lance is given into the care of Johannes von Hartelius and his descendants. We then timeshift again to Hitler's Bunker 1945 and Hitler has now gained control of the Holy Lance but entrusts von Hartelius' descendant with conveying it, along with other materials, to Bavaria. The plane gets shot down and shifting back to modern times the lance has found it's way to Guatemala.

John Hart gets a message from his estranged father - a man he hasn't seen since John was 3 - to visit him urgently in Guatemala, but when he does, he finds him murdered - crucified - and the lance gone. John is befriended by his father's common law wife before she too is brutally murdered and her home ransacked. He follows the trail back to Bavaria and tries to recover the lance but falls head over heels in love instead.

I have to admit that at times I couldn't see the trail that Hart follows or how assumptions are made - it just seems too easy at times. And can anyone place so much trust in someone while ignoring all the evidence?

Putting these quibbles to one side, I enjoyed the story as we encountered sex, violence, betrayal, chases and love (although the sex did outnumber the others). I became truly involved and wanted to keep telling him where he was obviously going wrong. And when the story of the lance ended I felt a little cheated by the way the main characters were left with their lives hanging. Described as a "suspenseful, page-turning conspiracy thriller" and it certainly ticked all those boxes for me!

Publisher - Atlantic Books
Genre - Adult conspiracy thriller

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