Monday, 27 February 2017

The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

Review by The Mole

"Gripping" is a word used to describe this and it is well worthy of that title. Fast moving from the off we meet Alex/Juliana/The Chemist - an agent who worked in an undocumented and highly secret department where she used her skills to get the truth from people who were suspected of security related crimes. She was the best until one day "they" decided to dispose of both her and her work colleague. Her colleague died but she escaped and has been running for three years and she intends remaining alive.

Alex, as we get to think of her, is a very resourceful individual who we very quickly grow to admire despite her efficiency in her job. The action is fast paced and captivating until... Well this is the first Stephenie Meyer I have read but I have heard of her reputation for "love" scenes in the Twilight series so when one presents itself it came as no surprise except perhaps that Alex's head could be turned so easily. And, surprisingly, while I felt this aspect was a bit overplayed for my taste, it didn't detract from the story line which was gripping to the last as Alex, single handedly, saves the day. And possibly the USA of course.

Gripping, fast paced but overall a fun read that is not likely to upset the squeamish, nor titillate anyone either come to that.

Publisher - Little, Brown Book Group
Genre - Crime, Thriller

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