Friday, 3 February 2017

Help! I'm an Alien by Jo Franklin

Review by The Mole

Daniel Kendal is different—different to the other Kendals anyway. After all, he’s the only one with brown hair and brown eyes and what’s more, he’s taller than his family, his friends and probably everyone else in the entire world.

Big sister Jessie has made it clear just how different Daniel is, by explaining that he is in fact, an alien, kindly adopted by her parents. Confused, Daniel turns to his best friends, Eddie and Gordon the Geek, for help. Together perhaps they can work out where he really belongs.

When well meaning friends come to the rescue nothing is guaranteed to go well. Moving rapidly from disaster to disaster, his friends try to help him sort out his dilemma and end up getting his parents taken hostage!

An easy but funny read which is bound to appeal to young readers. Listed as age 7-9, advanced readers will enjoy it sooner and older kids may enjoy it in secret - it's not a 'cool' type of book for the older child but they will enjoy it. Frequent black and white illustrations add substance to the well written characters and help to bring the story to life.

Fun and full of silliness but also touching on some slightly deeper issues of phobias and friendships.

Publisher - Troika Books
Genre - Children's 7-9 humorous fiction

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