Monday, 30 January 2017

Glass Mother by Rosie Jackson

Review by The Mole

Rosie Jackson grew up with a drive to succeed and a love of books. This led to her teaching at the very prestigious University of East Anglia, meeting and working with many household names. Clearly she had 'made it' but was it everything she expected and desired?

This feels like a very cathartic work with honesty and detail that many will relate to at some point. There is much I could say about this work that will have you rushing away saying 'No, not for me' - in fact there are parts that would have had me saying the same but nothing put me off finishing this work.

There were parts that had me looking back at my life and perhaps understanding better some of the things in my own family. There are reminiscences where she is condemned by media people as a bad mother although they were not interested in her side of events - hopefully everyone who condemned her will take time to read this narrative and reflect on their own bigotry.

I feel this is an important work on how women are treated by partners, strangers and media alike as well as a major condemnation of mental health support services.

Read this and reflect on how you might have perceived and reacted to the biographer if you hadn't read it first.

Publisher - Unthank Books
Genre - Autobiography, memoir

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