Monday, 7 June 2010

Almost True by Keren David - Five *

The continuing story of Ty. Ty is a boy who witnessed a murder as a result of gangs and a knife carrying culture. We met him in 'When I Was Joe' and the story continues.

A further attempt is made on Ty's life and his aunt explodes at the police and refuses to allow them to protect him any further until they can get their act together and so Ty is taken to a safe house and meets family he didn't know he had and so his life is thrown into turmoil again. His life is not made easier by his longing to communicate with his girl friend again.

Did I enjoy this book? To me enjoyment means laughing, and coming away feeling good. I didn't really come away feeling good. I felt a lot of things, but feeling good wasn't high on the list. I also came to the conclusion that Keren David only writes 24 hour books. I couldn't put it down and risked a telling off to get it finished! I felt the frustrations of Ty, the anger of his aunt, the love for and of his girlfriend, the loyalty of his athletics teacher and much, much more.

I do have to admit that I, personally, would like to have seen more 'loose ends' tidied up. I will not expand on them here because they could be plot spoilers, but life will always tie off loose ends but not all at once and where and when do you cut the end off of a novel? Perhaps?

A truly brilliant read with lots to take away from it, but I do recommend reading When I Was Joe first although they can be read and enjoyed out of sequence as Maryom found out (

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