Thursday, 8 August 2013

In The Summer Time by Judy Astley

review by Maryom

It's 20 years since Miranda visited the Cornish seaside village of Chapel Creek - back then it was the place where her family spent all their summers, where the teenage Miranda swam and sailed, flirted and fell in love. Now she's returning with her own teenagers and her mother Clare, to scatter the ashes of her stepfather in the sea overlooked by their old holiday home. The village seems remarkably unchanged with many of the old familiar faces still there. Should Miranda rekindle her teenage romance or is she just longing to be young again?

In The Summertime is an unashamedly romantic novel with seemingly everyone looking for love - divorced Miranda wonders what happened to her summer-fling boyfriend of her sixteenth year, her mother Clare is getting over the death of her husband and happy to get reacquainted with someone she too knew twenty years before, sister Harriet finds the best antidote to being dumped by a footballer is to find another one and teenaged Silva just hopes to attract the attention of the coolest surf-dude on the beach. It's a dead-cert that at least one of them will find true love!
In the Summer Time is funny and smart and, despite the romance, avoids being too sickly sweet. It's a bit predictable at times but very readable. A lovely light-hearted summer read that's ideal for your own beach-side holiday.

Maryom's review - 4 stars
Publisher -
Bantam Press
Genre -
adult, romantic fiction

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