Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bocchi and Pocchi A Tale of Two Socks by Noriko Matsubara

Review by The Mole

Bocchi and Pocchi are a pair of socks and are always found together. That is until Pocchi gets a hole in the head - then, during the night Pocchi goes missing.

Bocchi is frantic trying to figure out where Pocchi has gone and all sorts of possibilities go though Bocchi's mind.

This book is both written and illustrated by Noriko Matsubara and the look, feel and story all are ideally suited to an early reader - if not a first reader. The colours are all bright and eye catching and each one dominates the page beautifully with just a small amount of worded narrative so the young reader progresses rapidly and so feels that they are making real progress with their reading and with the book.

A really delightful first reader and/or bedtime story book.

Publisher - Troika Books
Genre - Children's Picture book/first reader

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