Thursday, 1 August 2013

Chintz The Chihuahua by Tania Bramley

Review by The Mole

Chintz is a very pampered chihuahua who is fed on the best foods and doesn't have to walk anywhere until one day when her owner goes away. She is left with a neighbour and has to walk on a lead and eat tinned dog food. When she is taken to the park, it is to where the big rough dogs are playing and she doesn't like it one bit. Then she meets Sandy, a golden retriever, and things start to improve - slowly.

This a collection of three stories of Chintz and Sandy, the friends they make and the tricks they get up to. I always find it amusing and 'wouldn't it be nice' that animals in children's stories understand every word that is said, but people - no matter how empathic they are - never understand the animals. I suppose this is one of those traits of children's fiction that make it so endearing to both old and young alike.

Illustrated throughout with cartoon style, but delightful, full colour pictures, this is a really lovely book for the early readers. As with most early reader books it is also ideal for read aloud at bedtime and with each story 10-15 pages in length the stories are an ideal size for it.

A really nice book that will delight the younger reader.

Tania Bramley also wrote a series of books about "Nannette".

Publisher - Austin and Macauley
Genre - Children's fiction

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