Wednesday 6 October 2010

Beside The Sea by Veronique Olmi

The Dark Side of Motherhood
review by Maryom

A single mother sets out on a trip to the seaside with her 2 young sons, determined that for once they will have some fun, see the sea and visit the fairground like 'normal people'. But it's not the jolly kind of jaunt you might suppose, she has a hidden agenda born of her obsessive love and her fear of letting go of her children.

This is another short, wonderful, thought-provoking book from Peirene Press, translated from its original French by Adriana Hunter - a tale of motherhood at its most protective.
It opens with the family leaving, almost sneaking out of, their home to set out on their journey to the seaside. The boys aren't happy or excited about this trip, but worried. If they'd had any expectations of fun, they are soon dashed - the beach is cold, wet and windswept, the hotel dingy and brown - but above all is the obsessional love of their mother, holding them back, and the feeling of impending doom which drags the reader in. It's a book that will grab you - make you fall into this young woman's depression and yet want to say 'Whatever you're planning to do, don't do it! There is another way'.

Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher - Peirene Press

Genre - Adult Literary Fiction

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