Friday, 22 October 2010

Shadow Bringer by David Calcutt

Something nasty in the attic.
review by Maryom

Nathan is staying with relatives while his Mum takes a break. Strange things are happening there - something is lurking in the attic, something is hiding in the gunk at the bottom of the pond, there are scuffling noises in the night and a voice inside his head.
In another world, Rasha is setting out on a spirit journey to hunt down an evil creature before it escapes into the real world. Will she be in time?

A true spine-chiller of a book from David Calcutt, with the lurking, menacing creature there from page one. "I'm coming to get you", it says at the end of the first short chapter and this sets the tone for the book. Nathan and the reader with him hover between believing a creature really is there calling to him and thinking it's only his imagination playing tricks - whichever, I found myself willing him to not open the attic door or go back to the pond, to not disturb or provoke whatever evil thing was waiting.
The way real world and the ghostly spirit one are woven together in Shadow Bringer reminded me of the Alan Garner books I read as a child. If you loved those, even if trembling with fear as you read, or are looking for a scary story for Halloween, go buy this for your children.

Shadow Bringer was reviewed by The Mole

Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher - Oxford University Press

Genre -
children's, fantasy
Seem to have a bit of debate over suitable age bracket for this. Obviously it depends on how easily your child is frightened and how much you want a quiet night's sleep, but I would have said 10 -12, though children either side of that group would probably still enjoy it.

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