Friday, 3 September 2010

Shadow Bringer by David Calcutt

Not at bedtime - please!
Review by TheMole

I took a whole host of books on holiday recently, but unfortunately not the one I was reading so I took the opportunity to read a David Calcutt. My wife had read "A Map of Marvels" and enjoyed it so I wanted to try one.

Nathan is a troubled child after his parents separated and has gone to stay with his aunt while his mum takes a holiday. He starts hearing noises and feeling like he's being watched. Strange things happen to him and he gets very wound up. But when his friend has a similar experience the question has to be asked "is it just his imagination?".

I found this book extremely compelling and tense and wondering how I would have felt reading it as a child. I had to wonder hard because it was a while ago that I was that small. David Calcutt says that the book is enjoyed by 12-14 year olds, and yes I can see that that would work but he also says kids as young as 9 also enjoy it. If I had a nine year old then I'm not sure I would want them reading it at bed time! He also says that the book can hopefully be enjoyed by adults. Well I can assure you it can! While away I read another book whose cover says 'a ghost story' and is an adults book. I found Shadow Bringer a better read and tenser, which is the role of any thriller or ghost story.

Sad to say though that my favourite character was Granddad! Every child should have a Granddad like that, a rock and someone to cling to when the going gets tough!

If you are looking for Christmas presents (it's only 3 months away and the shops are stocking up!) and you are looking for a book for someone 12-99 who likes a thriller or even to treat yourself then take a look at this one!

TheMole's review - 5 stars
Publisher - Oxford University Press
Genre - Children's 12+

Shadow Bringer can be purchased from Amazon

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