Monday, 11 October 2010

Fate and Fortune by Shirley McKay

Old Murder
review by TheMole

In the second of the Hew Cullan novels he returns home from France to find his father dead and the funeral about to take place. Hew has now inherited much property and it's a situation he's not comfortable with. He sets out to pursue areas of his estate and finds himself robbed and jailed and ends up as an apprentice.

A tale of romance, murder and violence. With a twist at every turn of the plot this is a story that may have you guessing right to the end.

It is often the case that stories set in historical times continue to use modern day English, but Shirley McKay uses historical terms in such a way that the reader understands most every word but can feel the history in the story. This approach means the reader does not expect the hero to pull out a digital watch or tri-corder and brings the characters and scenes to life. I say 'most every word' because I am still unsure of the modern equivalent of 'buith' or 'crame'.

The violence and murder is not graphic so if, like me, you are a little squeamish you need not be concerned - have a read. Miss Marple of the sixteenth century.

Recommended for lovers of Historical Crime Fiction. Read and enjoy.

TheMole's review - 4 stars
Publisher - Polygon

Genre - Adult Historical Crime

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