Monday, 8 November 2010

Make This Wizard's Castle

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review by TheMole

Maryom was looking for a JPEG for an Usborne review when I saw this book. Crikey I was surprised to see it. But why should I be I started to wonder? We bought this book for our daughter/me some time ago and it worked then so why not today?. It was joint because at the time she was too small to do it on her own so we would do it together. And we did. It was easy enough to do but with so many towers, rooms, walls, rooms and their contents etc to assemble it did take a few days to do, particularly as there are times when glue should dry before you can move on.

But be warned - there are drawbacks... (1) having made it you don't want it damaged and (2) because it is undamaged it needs space and (3) because it needs space it attracts dust.

So bite the bullet and encourage your child to play with it and make space for another of these projects. There are characters to move around, there are things to pull past windows to make things appear, there's a dragon in a cave and a wealth of things to excite a child's imagination. But don't let them make it on their own, insist on being in charge - they shouldn't have all the fun.

TheMole's review - 5 stars
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Children's activity

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