Friday, 17 December 2010

Deadly Focus by R C Bridgestock

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Review by TheMole

A child goes missing and is soon found murdered leaving her family devastated. Jack Dylan leads the investigation in his almost single minded attitude. Before the killer is found another child goes missing and it starts to look like a serial killer is on the loose.

This story is not a whodunnit but is a crime drama based on first hand experience. We learn, about two thirds of the way through, who the killer is. We could guess from about halfway although avid whodunnit fans could probably guess earlier. The focus of the story is on the people involved in the investigation, the constraints they have to work with, the pressures they are all under, the ambitions and doubts that some have. It is about how real crime detection happens. To say I enjoyed this would be wrong and right. I became involved with it and certainly wanted to climb across the table to have a go at the suspect. I felt for the families loss, fears and anger.

This book is an extremely good book if you want a thriller. Yes, there is some nasty violence against children and even against the investigating officer but it won't turn your stomach so no worry for the squeamish.

If I had one issue with this book it's the quality of proofing errors. This version is a 'self published' book and high proofing errors seem to be typical on the self published side where professional editing picks up a much higher percentage. BUT the authors have now got a publishing contract and hopefully future prints will see these errors reduced but the book left unchanged because I can't see that it needs it.

Highly recommended for people who enjoy crime novels. I have avoided saying I enjoyed it because I felt like I was involved but it is a very good book that you won't want to put down.

Publisher - Self Published
Genre - Crime Drama

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