Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Teen Heroines - TheMole's Choice

As we are running our first competition and asking people to name their teen heroines then it seems fair we should tell you who we would choose.

It is harder than I thought but having thought long and hard I give you... in no particular order:-

Sophie from Michael Scott's 'The Secrets on the Immortal Nicholas Flamel'. She has a whole load of magical powers dumped on her and is whisked off to shadow realms but all she wants is to get back to being a normal school girl again.

Jess from Nicola Morgan's 'Wasted'. She has a roller coaster time but keeps her head at all times.

Jess from Sue Limb's 'Girl 16 - 5 Star Fiasco'. Jess finds the dinner dance she is organising for charity is turning into a fiasco and has to try to ask for help - but to ask for help she must admit she is failing.

I have chosen these 3 because each of them, like Emma in 'The Killer's Daughter', exhibit qualities that I admire in the young. I have seen such qualities in both our girls but have sadly seen and known youngsters where those qualities are lacking!

I would strongly recommend each of these books but you can win a personalised copy of 'The Killer's Daughter' in our competition and the personalisation can, of course, be for a friend or relative or just yourself!

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  1. Thank you1 I love Jess in Wasted, too. Wish i could have been like her...