Friday, 6 May 2011

Altar of Bones by Philip Carter

Fun Packed Thriller
Review by The Mole

Zoe is surprised to be told that her grandmother has been murdered, the grandmother that she had been told had died in a car accident many years ago. Zoe's life turns around in a shock as the killer tries to get her to reveal the location of the Altar of Bones, something of which she has never heard. Life becomes even more chaotic when Yasmine Poole enters her life wanting to know where a reel of film is and shows that she is prepared to kill for it - kill Zoe that is. Zoe meets Ry and together they try to save themselves and get all the answers in a chase that takes them from the USA and across Europe to Siberia.

Gripping, fast paced and compelling sums this book up - at least in part. Immensely fun to read, I found the characters larger than life - almost comic book. At one point they are held at gunpoint across a small lake and I expected them to walk across it to get to the baddies - I won't tell you if they did though.

If you are looking for a serious thriller with historical accuracy then this may not be the book for you, but if you want a fun book with really nasty bad guys and really nice good guys then this is a must. Don't think that this is not an adults book though, it is most definitely adult fiction.

People have said that it is Dan Brown meets Robert Ludlum. Myself I would would describe it as more like Jack T Colton and Jane Wilder in Romancing The Stone - fast fun, enthralling and light hearted. Simon and Schuster tell us that Philip Carter is the pseudonym of a best selling author, inviting us to speculate as to who it is. I really believe I know but won't say any more, but as an ex-romantic fiction author she is trying to switch genres and while the book is excellent and enthralling it doesn't give that edge of the seat tingle that John Le Carré and others of that genre manage to deliver.

Publisher - Simon and Schuster
Genre - Adult Thriller

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