Thursday 7 July 2011

The Truth About Celia Frost - Book Launch

Our first book launch!
Maryom and The Mole

We have been invited to book launches before - in various parts of the UK (although a lot in London) during weekday evenings and being the parents of a second only child, and because we do these things together, we had not been able to get. Maryom had read and reviewed The Truth About Celia Frost and so we were invited to its launch which was to be in Nottingham, just 20 miles away, and although it meant missing the day's stage of the Tour de France we all went along enthusiastically.

We were greeted on arrival by Paula Rawsworth and after a brief chat we were offered nibbles and drinks and we chatted and met other supporters of Paula. Her children did the rounds dutifully with plates of nibbles and big smiles, clearly pleased for their mother's success with getting her book published.

Anna, from Usborne, was introduced to the room and she then told us a little of Usborne's road to getting Paula's book to press before she introduced Paula's agent. We were then told how gripping her agent had found the book and causing her children to go hungry as she found she could not put it down. Paula took the microphone and after offering her thanks to everyone that had assisted her get this far she read a short passage from the start of the book.
Then there was CAKE! Usborne had prepared a cake big enough for the room that was special in two ways... (1) the book cover was on the cake (and the child's eyes on the cover are just a little freaky!)... (2) it was gorgeous, or so the room seemed to agree and, despite being low fat, The Mole did try just 1 small piece and agreed.

The book signing saw the book stands cleared of books and people started to drift away.

All in all an enjoyable experience and we hope that when The Truth About Celia Frost is published on 1st August 2011 it will enjoy the success it so richly deserves.

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