Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Spider by Linda Strachan

Review by The Mole

Spider decides to humour Deanna and go for one last 'run' and show his friends that he still has 'it'.

I am a slow reader and when I was told this had to go back soon I decided to give it a read because at only 134 pages it wouldn't take me over a couple of days to read it. How wrong I was. The story starts with Spider perched on a roof wanting to end his life. It has all gone wrong. There is nothing left. Best to end it. Chapter 2 cuts back to the 'why' and we follow Spider on his last run. The action on the run is graphically explained and tense throughout until the run comes to an abrupt end and we dragged through the consequences and repercussions.

This story is not a lecture about car theft and law breaking. It could so easily be but the author has, instead, taken you through the journey and leaves you with the effects on 3 of its characters and leaves you to assess morality, loyalties and choices entirely for yourself.

I said I was wrong about how long it took... I started it at 8pm, retired about 1 a.m. and got up early to finish it. Cliché time? Let's avoid them and let the record stand - I really got extremely involved with it and couldn't leave it alone!

Maryom read and reviewed Spider and gave it 5 stars.

Publisher - Strident
Genre - teen/YA

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  1. Oh great review and recommendation. Linda Strachan is an amazing and very much unsung writer - and I hope reviews like this change it!

  2. Thank you, Gerry, So pleased you enjoyed Spider. Sorry if it kept you up late!

  3. There are far worse reasons to be kept awake Linda. Even the early getting up is not something to complain about! Truly loved it - thank you.