Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz

Classic Sherlock
Review by The Mole

A while ago I blogged about this book's publicity campaign and felt it was a real taster that had me, and I'm sure a great deal more people, looking to finding a copy. Well I found a review copy in my stocking and have now had chance to read it.

"The first official new Sherlock Holmes mystery, written by global best seller Anthony Horowitz" is how Orion Books introduce this book on their website and I would agree that this book is worthy of the title.

An art dealer has a suspicious watcher who he now believes has burgled him and he wants Holmes to investigate and recover a necklace which has monetary but great sentimental value. This investigation opens up a complex and multistranded case that nearly brings the great man down.

I have to say that very early on I knew where The House Of Silk was and felt a little disappointed but the further the story went on and bent and twisted the less important this fact turned out to be. At the end there is the traditional summing up to tie up any loose ends. I had lost track of all the ends that could be loose but they were all there being tied up. At times I had started to wonder how we jumped from one line of investigation to another and I thought "How? Coincidence? Plot device?" but it turned out the answer was simple... Anthony Horowitz hadn't missed a trick and knitted everything together in a totally logical way with no contrived 'cheats'.

Excellently written, plotted and delivered and I believe Arthur Conan Doyle would have been happy to endorse this book into the annals of Sherlock Holmes.

Publisher - Orion Books
Genre - Adult, Fiction,Crime

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  1. The story has a good start. However, the transition to the ending is poorly written. The plot is not good. For instance, Mr. Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's brother seemed not to care about his brother very much and even not to investigate any mysterious group within her majesty's government. Such character is at odds with what was depicted in the story of Greek Interpretator and the Adventure of Bruce-Partington Plan. It seemed that he cared about his friend more than his brother, and out of my surprise, he did not try his best to protect his beloved country any more. Moreover, what Sherlock explained how he knew the House of Silk is very weak. Very few clues were laid down in the framework of story.