Monday, 23 January 2012

Tell Me A Dragon by Jackie Morris

Year of the Dragon
review by Maryom

Today is Chinese New Year and as the upcoming one will be the Year of the Dragon, I thought I'd share one of our daughter's Jackie Morris books with you - Tell Me A Dragon.

Big dragons, small dragons. Ones that fly through the air, ones that swim in the sea. City dragons, country dragons. Icy blue for the Arctic, fiery red for the desert. This book has them all, brought to life in Jackie Morris's inimitable style.

Tell Me A Dragon is not a story book as such but one of magical paintings to en-trance the reader and fire a child's (or adult's) imagination. Encourage your child to interact by imagining their own dragon - would he be fierce or gentle? red, blue, violet with golden spots? gigantic or tiny? - or making up stories about the dragons, and owners, depicted in the book.

A captivating book for all lovers of dragons - whatever their age!

PS My favourite dragon? I'd have to have two - the 'big as a village' cover dragon, 'jade-winged and amber-eyed', daintily choosing a cupcake, and the pale as moonlight 'sparkled with stardust' dragon 'made from the sun and the stars', flying across the moonlit sky.

Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher - Frances Lincoln
Genre - picture book

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