Monday, 17 December 2012

Dot Dash by Jonathan Pinnock

review by Maryom

Dot Dash is an entertaining collection of short - and some tiny - stories from Jonathan Pinnock, most previously published elsewhere and drawn together for this 'one man' collection.

I'm not generally much of a short story reader so I only knew Jonathan Pinnock through his novel Mrs Darcy Versus The Aliens and did wonder slightly if I was in for a whole series of classic literature/zombie mash ups. Fortunately, fond as I am of zombies, these stories reveal a far greater breadth of style and content.  Some will make you laugh; some may make you cry.
Yes, I have my favourites - two re-imagined fairy tales - Mirror Mirror and At Nana's, and the more thought-provoking Mr Nathwani's Haiku.

I wasn't so happy with the micro-sized 'dots'. None longer than a dozen lines and some short enough to fit in a Tweet, they often felt like jokes from a stand-up comedian or the funny snippets from Reader's Digest - as such will probably appeal to many though not to me.

Taken together, an interesting collection of stories, great for plane, train or bus journeys or those few quiet moments over Christmas!

Maryom's review - 4 stars
Publisher - Salt Publishing

Genre - adult fiction, short stories

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