Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Unthology No. 3 edited by Stokes Ashley and Robin Jones

Review by The Mole

This group of short stories (which, apparently, includes some novelettes) is a selection to my liking. Don't get me wrong please - I do like collections by the same author and themed collections as well, but this collection is as eclectic as they come. Anthologies like this mean that there's a story for every mood and some left over. It means pausing at the end of each and absorbing, digesting, reflecting before the next story is started and takes on a whole different journey.

There isn't one story I didn't like, from the troubled marriages, the love stories, the tales of obsession and reflection and science fiction and perhaps mental health as well.

Given the nature of the tales it's difficult to say anything about any of them without giving spoilers but if I was asked to give my top ten then my first and most favourite would be Eleanor: The End Notes by David Rose a story that is so reflective and sad but contains so much love as well. My second choice I couldn't name because I enjoyed so many of them. I will admit to two that I only THINK I understood (but not really that sure) but surprisingly I enjoyed them too.

As I say, a truly eclectic collection with 18 stories by 17 different authors and every one of them to be enjoyed.

Publisher - Unthank Books
Genre - Adult short story anthology

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