Thursday, 27 December 2012

Lost Christmas by David Logan

Review by The Mole

Goose's parents are dead and he is living with his Grandma who is showing all the signs of Alzheimer's  disease. He has only his dog  Mutt and is living by his wits while earning a living by breaking and entering. Then Mutt goes missing and Goose is totally distraught! He is now more alone that he ever has been since the death of his parents on Christmas eve just one year ago. And then a stranger appears... a strange stranger. A stranger who knows nothing about himself but seems to know everything about everything.

Originally a film and later a book I have to admit to not having seen the film so I came to the book with no expectations. Many heralded this as an emotional book but to me it was a story very reminiscent of one of the ghosts of Scrooge. Why? I don't know except this 'ghost' of a stranger arrives to make Goose's life better after all this time. It was fun, it was certainly feel good and I always knew things were going to end up 'happy ever after' - it just felt like that was the whole point even as you started the first chapter.

A great fun light weight Christmas read that helps to set the atmosphere of Christmas.

Maryom's review of Lost Christmas

Publisher - Quercus
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