Monday, 9 November 2015

Crime Author Event - 6th November

 by The Mole

A regular feature in the Waterstones Nottingham calendar are "crime panels" where 2 or 3 crime authors talk about their work. The latest panel brought together three local authors - Steven Dunne, Stephen Booth, and Glenis Wilson.

Steven Dunne has written five thrillers starring DI Damen Brook and they are set mainly in Derby. His latest book is A Killing Moon. Stephen Booth's long-running Cooper and Fry series takes place in the idyllic setting of the Peak district and runs to 15 books - the latest being The Murder Road. Glenis Wilson, as well as literary and romantic novels, has turned to crime in the world of horse-racing; her latest, Dead On Course is out in December.

Due to traffic we arrived a little late but were still welcomed with a smile and we settled in quietly at the back. The event was under way and we had missed the formal introductions but a cross author Q&A was in full swing with Steven Dunne leading the session.

We have seen Steven Dunne a few times at events in Nottingham and Derby, and Steven Booth was a guest at the Derby Book Festival but we hadn't encountered Glenis Wilson before although she is part of Nottingham Writer's Studio

Each author then read a short passage from one of their books and surprisingly Steven Dunne chose to read from Deity and not his latest book. Stephen Booth read from The Murder Road. All three authors read about the discovery of a body and The Mole found Deity to be chilling to the point where it's one book he probably wouldn't pick up - although he would be happy to read Dunne's other books.

Steven Booth explained how in Corpse Road Cooper and Fry visit Hartington and Booth takes the opportunity to mention that Dunne's Damen Brook lives there but they choose not to visit. Product placement or what?

The floor was opened up to questions and a very open audience took the opportunity to pose questions without any reservations - normally the audience can be rather shy.

A book signing followed with coffee and wine available as we chatted about the books and the event with the authors and the organiser - Dan. Dan does have a last name but we were shown and discussed a precedent where it wasn't used. Another great event Mr Donson - thank you.

A really excellent evening's entertainment with fascinating people.

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