Monday, 8 February 2016

Journey to Death by Leigh Russell

Review by The Mole

When Lucy Hall is taken on a holiday to the Seychelles by her parents, after a break up with her boyfriend, events unfold that threaten the lives of both Lucy and her mother.

Lucy's mother goes missing very early in their holiday and neither Lucy or her father are convinced the authorities are taking her disappearance seriously enough.

Then events unfold that seem to be threatening Lucy's life but both her father and Adrian, someone she meets in the hotel they are staying at, try to convince her that the heat is making her hallucinate.

This book was certainly compelling and I enjoyed it immensely BUT... Yes, that is a big but. This is Lucy's first "outing" and Russell's other lead characters are both detectives. Detectives are allowed detective type thoughts and reasoning but Lucy is an innocent member of the public and I feel that Russell has yet to understand Lucy fully. At times naive to the point of an airhead, at others as strong as any character can be, at times using logical conclusions and at other times off in some fairy tale land somewhere Lucy has some maturing to do - and she will be a great character when she achieves it.

A new approach to thrillers for Russell and when it comes right it will be another great series but I say again - I did find it compelling and I did enjoy it immensely. Leigh and Lucy just need to go out for a few drinks together and get to know each other better.

Publisher: Thomas and Mercer Publishing
Genre: Crime Thriller

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