Saturday, 24 July 2010

Dead Man's Cove by Lauren St John

Laura Marlin - "Ace Detective"
review by Maryom

Orphan Laura Marlin has grown up in children's homes and never realised she had any relatives. Then, out of the blue, she is sent to live with her uncle in Cornwall. Here she discovers a freedom she's never had before but with the one warning from her Uncle - 'Don't go anywhere near Dead Man's Cove!'. Laura is a great reader of detective stories and this warning just acts as encouragement to investigate. She's also curious about her new friend, Tariq, the shopkeeper's son - why is he hardly allowed out of the shop? He seems to understand what she says, so why does his father claim that Tariq cannot speak English? And who is the mysterious bird-watcher who seems to be spying on her uncle's house?

Exciting adventure story with many of the ingredients that went into the Famous Five stories - a Cornish fishing village, an unknown uncle with mysterious habits and a tendency to wander the countryside after dark, a strange boy who disappears, a housekeeper who asks too many questions, an old smugglers tunnel - but without the somewhat dated attitudes. Laura is a bright, engaging heroine, full of insatiable curiosity and almost fearless, especially when accompanied by her new dog, Skye.

Dead Man's Cove is the first in a series of four adventure stories with Laura Marlin, 11 year old 'ace detective' and will be published on 5th August 2010

Maryom's review - 4 stars
Publisher - Orion
Genre - Children's

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