Friday 16 July 2010

Angel by L A Weatherly

Never Trust An Angel!!
Reviewed by Maryom

Alex has spent his life tracking down and killing Angels until the day his mysterious CIA contact sends him in search of Willow.
Willow thinks she's just an ordinary girl even if she's a bit geeky, knows how to strip and rebuild a car engine and can see the future. But a chance 'reading' for a classmate starts up a chain of events that has her running for her life, having to trust Alex to help her escape from the Angels. Despite their wings and glowing aura, these Angels are far from the normal perception of 'angelic' and Willow turns out to be the only person who can stop their plans for mankind.

I'd heard a lot of talk about this book, publicists building up the hype and so forth, but I was still surprised at the nature of the story. It's an action-packed thriller with Angels who are more like alien invaders than heavenly beings.
An absolutely compelling book, by turns tense, romantic, scary, with settings from hot-baked desert to forested mountains.
My only marginal niggle is with the ending. Although the story so far is rounded off, it's obviously 'to be continued' which is always a frustration.

Maryom's review - 4.5 stars
Publisher - Usborne
Genre - teenage (14+)

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