Thursday, 15 July 2010

Glitter by Kate Maryon

Riches to Rags
Reviewed by Gerry(TheMole)

A story of riches to rags in a fairy tale fashion that will delight the 9-12 year old girls it is aimed at.

Libby is at a 'posh' boarding school enjoying the luxuries of life with her friends of a similar social group when the credit crunch strikes. Libby's dad is fixated with academic success and won't tolerate Libby following her dream. Libby has to adjust to a state school and to seeing her father every day instead of occasionally and has huge problems in adjusting - but not as big a problem as her father.

This book will certainly be an emotional roller coaster for it's young readers as they follow Libby trying to make new friends, learn about her mother and learn about herself but it is a roller coaster they are sure to enjoy the ride on.

I would recommend this to 9-12 year old girls and it would make an ideal present.

TheMole's review - 5 stars (for its audience)
Publisher - Harper Collins
Genre - Children's (Junior Chick Lit?)


  1. it's audience - no apostrophe required!

  2. Many thanks for that Anonymous, a change of wording and I forgot to check the punctuation - thanks for the correction.