Friday, 4 March 2011

Excuse Me, I'm Trying To Read by Lehla Eldridge and Jo Amani

Excuse me, I'm trying to write!
Review by TheMole

As a parent of young children I was always on the lookout for books to read along with my children. This is very much such a book. Inspired by a trip to Mozambique and set in Africa the book sees 'me' - a little girl - trying to read her book in various scenarios. On each page we see her being troubled by a different animal species and in a different landscape. The print is large enough for young readers (although the lower case 'a' is not the one I would ideally choose) but each picture gives plenty for a co-reader to talk about with the young one. The colours are soft and easy on the eye and the animals unmistakable. A really lovely early reader or shared reader - which I think is a very valuable tool to help encourage children to realise that reading is something we can all do and enjoy. The book is described as ages 3-8 but having read to mine since they were but a week old this book suits such a use, as the rhythm of the phrase "Excuse me, I'm trying to read" repeats itself on each page.

Publisher Warthog Books
Genre Children's early reader

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  1. I think my little boy would love this - will see if my library have a copy to try out on him :)

  2. As a very newly published book I'm afraid it's not likely to be available in libraries for a few more months at least. But I am sure you're right - he would love it.