Monday, 28 March 2011

City of Hope and Despair by Ian Whates

A Journey of Hope and Despair
review by Maryom

Thaiburley is an ancient multi-layered city - the poor live on the bottom rows and demons high above. Strange forces are threatening the city though and Tom, ex-street thief, is sent on a journey to find the goddess Thaiss, the mythical founder of the city. He's accompanied by the priestess Mildra, a one-eyed giant,Kohn and an assassin, Dewar. Together, they travel from the city, by barge and on foot, towards the source of the river Thair, where they hope to find the Goddess. It isn't as easy as that though as they soon discover someone is out to stop them.
Meanwhile in the City, a dreadful monster, known as the Soul Thief, is stalking the streets, hunting for prey....

This book is volume II of The City of a Hundred Rows and I think maybe it's suffered in the way that so many second books do in the transition stage from 'stand-alone' story to series. The book starts excellently and finishes well, although the plot isn't rounded off as there is obviously a third volume planned, but unfortunately in the middle the story rather gets lost in the doldrums. I must add though that the City is an amazing imaginary, yet totally believable, place with its various rows reaching up to the sky. I think it just might be better to wait till the whole series is written and read it in one long session.

Maryom's review - 3 stars
Publisher - Angry Robot

Genre - Adult, fantasy

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