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The Crimson Shard by Teresa Flavin

The Crimson Shard Blog Tour

The Crimson Shard is the second book in the Blackhope Enigma series by Teresa Flavin.The Mole has read and reviewed "Blackhope Enigma" and "The Crimson Shard" and we are delighted to be hosting the blog tour on the 6th October. (See the banner on the right).

Brilliantly done.
Review by The Mole

Sunni and Blaise go to see a museum and once again get caught up with paintings. Or should I say get caught in paintings. Only this time there is a time travelling element as well.

When sequels come along then they frequently have an increasingly unlikely start so that the audience joins in with how the adventure starts. The temptation to repeat a successful formula must be tremendous. However Teresa Flavin resists that temptation and comes up with a seamless link into a direct sequel continuing their story.

They get lured through a door which was merely a mural painting when the artist who painted it was alive. But now it is a portal that can access many point in time across history, if you have the knowledge to use it, and our heroes do not have the power or knowledge to get home.

I started reading this and quickly got drawn in to their continuing adventure as though there was no join between the books. At last though we start to see Blaise actually notice that Sunni likes him... so the characters are also developing and evolving and maintaining a total credibility. I particularly like at the end where... hang on! no spoilers - but I really do like that bit.

I would look forward to a third book, but I'm sure Sunni and Blaise don't really deserve the stress a third time. Oh, never mind, I'll be selfish - give us book 3 please!

Publisher - Templar Publishing
Genre - Children's 10+

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