Monday 5 September 2011

Sanctus by Simon Toyne

NOT another religious intrigue.
Review by The Mole

In the fictional Citadel, in the city of Ruin, in Turkey there is a secret.. It is a secret that must be protected by the monks who live there - at any cost! When one of the monks cannot accept the gravity of the secret he must be executed but he escapes instead and commits suicide but manages to leave a message. The message is for Liv Adamson but she cannot understand the message. The monks set out to remove anyone the monk came into contact with in any way using any means possible in a thrilling story.

Short sharp chapters are a feature of this book, with each chapter carrying a shift from one character and scene to a new one. The characters are well drawn and leave the reader in no doubt as to which side each character is on. Violence and action is pretty graphic but not overdone and there is a lot of it in this book. This is not a book that sets out to crack a mystery surrounding a real life religious issue but is a thriller setting out to thrill the reader with a fictional secret in a fictional setting. And it does it in style!

I am not a thriller devotee but I really enjoyed this book and it held my attention throughout. It is bound to please thriller readers everywhere.

Publisher - Harper Collins
Genre - Adult Thriller

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  1. Cant wait to read this book,,but just soooo long to wait for paperback version!!!!!