Friday, 2 September 2011

The Water Room by Christopher Fowler

A Gentle Read?
Review by The Mole

Bryant and May are detectives in the Peculiar Crime Unit that is being passed around between official departments like a hot potato. This is in part because of the eccentricity of Arthur Bryant and his tendency to do his own thing in a manner sure to irritate any head of department.

An old lady is found dead in her cellar while dressed to go out. She is sitting up, fully clothed, dry - but she drowned. Who wouldn't want to get to the bottom of this crime? Before we do though there will be more deaths...

"Bryant and May"... My immediate reaction was this could not be serious! "Peculiar Crime Unit"?? And it wasn't very serious. You get those books where you have a passage you have to share aloud but this book was packed with them. It was amusing and entertaining throughout and I struggled to see a logical continuity in the detection. I do not believe there is one and would like to suggest that this book is only slightly more serious than "Dirk Gently".

It is a very good book for entertainment but if you want serious detection then I don't believe this book is for you. But why not try a lighter moment in detection?

Thoroughly enjoyable!

Publisher - Bantam Books
Genre - Adult Fiction

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